DigitalFilipino at 13: Thinking of next 7 years

DigitalFilipino at 13: Thinking of next 7 years

My talk at CICS Fest 2012 (Paniqui, Tarlac) became a kick-off point in sharing my insight on how far should a person need to think about their blog or personal site.

Most of us who build a blog (or personal website) usually look at these platforms as a venue to express our thoughts, promote oneself, generate revenue, or push an advocacy. Then most transition to other adventures while keeping or dumping the sites they started. When I give talks today, apart from thinking of seven (7) revenue areas, I ask participants to envision the next 20 years.

I did not expect this site to last this long and has served as a strong anchor to what I am today. If I can re-do it all over again, could have thought of my vision better or make an effort to calibrate it often enough thinking of the very end desired.

As turned 13 last September 16, I know that I can’t just make a post – greeting ourselves the usual congratulations and sharing it to friends.

Admittedly, as a site owner, I am also getting older and already have friends in my close circle who have passed away for one reason or another. I guess what was said by the Oracle and Smith in The Matrix Revolutions is true, “everything that has a beginning, has an end.”

And I am beginning to think if that end will happen, what will happen to this personal site (in addition to other concerns)?

I decided to make a bucket list of what I need to do and get it done in the next 7 years. This includes:

1. Publish 2 to 7 more books (with all the supporting online elements to make it relevant).

2. Add an e-learning component (free and with fee).

3. Build a community of digital influencers and collaborate on projects.

4. Invest in 100 e-commerce start-ups.

5. Transition of DigitalFilipino Club to an investor community.

6. Transition blog network for projects continuity.

7. Finish Search Profile Index.

8. Work on HomeBasedElite.

9. Bring in one or more new players (apprentice) for continuity of the above.

So yes, the next 7 years of DigitalFilipino will be full of uncertainty. In my willingness to accept uncertainty, I believe, solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the chaos this journey will face me with.

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