Salient Features of Republic Act 11127: National Payment Systems Act

An Act Providing for the Regulation and Supervision of Payment Systems Enacted into law last October 30, 2018 was the National Payment Systems Act. This is a much awaited policy in the e-commerce sector as it intends to boost digital payments in government and private sector. This is a great supplement [...]


41 Modules, 300+ FREE E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Education Lessons

When I started back in September 16, 1999, my aspiration was to serve as a platform to educate people on e-commerce. Started by talking about industry developments, pushing for the E-Commerce Law, until I  spend more time developing e-commerce education content. From 2003 to 2007, I released 3 email-based [...]


6 Tax Guidelines for E-Commerce Transactions in the Philippines

Last August 5, 2013, the Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Memorandum Circular number 55-2013. This intends to govern how individuals and businesses should handle their sales and taxes accordingly. Here's a summary I prepared and hope it will make it easier for e-commerce merchants, online shoppers, payment gateways, banks, [...]

Online Shopping in the Philippines

E-Commerce in the Philippines is thriving especially now with availability of friendly payment systems. However, a big number of Filipino Online Shoppers buy from international sites. Before you visit your favorite shopping site, why don't you check out some of the Filipino online store first? You might find something [...]

E-Commerce Websites in the Philippines: Online Presence Creation

There are three (3) ways an MSME can create an online presence. This includes: Join an e-commerce marketplace. Create a site by subscribing to e-commerce platforms. Build your own e-commerce website. Join an E-Commerce Marketplace If you are new to online selling, joining marketplaces provides a lot of advantages including: Usually offers free sign-up. Capitalize on [...]

E-Commerce in the Philippines 2016 – 2017

We are kicking off the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs with an overview on "E-Commerce in the Philippines". This module 1 learning webinar took place last December 19, 2016. The webinar video tackles the following topics: I. E-Commerce Industry Players We took a look at the Philipines E-Commerce Landscape [...]