Building a Digital Influencers Community

Building a Digital Influencers Community

When the idea of coming out with a Digital Influencers Marketing Summit struck me, one notion that came to mind is I want to organize a social media event that is going to be different. It is aimed at targeting the typical social media user who would like to learn more about building one’s digital influence while networking with like-minded folks at the same time.

Right from the start, I knew the event is not going to be meant for everyone as not all are keen in recognizing their potential as an online influencer and take action on it. Also, a lot of influencers, depending on how one perceives self, may not necessarily recognize the need to join an event like this and network with people. Especially if they are at the stage already where they get approached.

The summit has to be executed in different parts of the country, no matter how small, so that the community that will be created and built up in the process will have various representation. It can’t be a free event, but affordable, to ensure some level of commitment or seriousness on the part of the person joining it.

Logistics ramping this up includes:

1. Finding affordable venues for the event.

To lower our cost, we don’t include food in our event so the ideal venue has to be near a mall. Or if the venue is very affordable enough that we can use rent budget for meals instead.

2. Total of 16 locations

My goal is to do the event in one city per region having around 80-100 attendees per location.

digital influencer boot- camp free digital marketing workshop online3. Follow-up sessions

To sustain the conversation, follow-up meet-up sessions will need to be organized to continue the conversation outside of the online community. In the end, still, nothing beats face-to-face interaction.

However, as follow-up sessions will not be easy to organize, I decide to come up with a Digital Influencer Boot Camp – a free digital marketing workshop online that is meant to continue the learning for past participants. For new participants, it is an opportunity to learn about digital marketing before the actual face-to-face event.

4. Badges

I think this is first event where I got too conscious on how the logo and collaterals would like. I want to ensure that people participating will be proud to share it and be reminded of their personal goals in becoming a digital influencer.

5. Sharing of lessons

We created a video channel where past presentations can be found online.

Our next stop for the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit shall be in Davao this April 13, 2013. Will post details soon.

Thank you Rizal participants!

The Rizal event at Thunderbird Resorts Binangonan last February 2 became a gathering of sorts as we had a combination of Manila, Cebu, and La Union speakers coming together to share their experience. We also gave our complimentary bed bags courtesy of Antz The Bread Factory.

Here are some of the blog post shared online after the event.

1. The Baptism of A New Digital Influencer at the Digital Influencer Marketing Summit in Rizal

2. The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Rizal: Transforming Influencers to Brand Advocates

3. A Day With The Digital Influencers

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6. My Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Rizal Experience @ Thunderbird Resort

Thank you La Union participants

Our La Union event at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point last January 26 was engulfed by both excitement and worry as we were not sure how ready the community was for our kind of event. However, when I saw the turn-out and the blog post that came out, it was indeed well worth it. Here are some of them:

1. VLOG Episode #1 Thunderbird Resort Poro Point #dim2013

2. Chapter XV : Digital Legilimency

3. The Digital Influencers’ Marketing Summit 2013 – Thunderbird Resort, La Union

4. Top 10 Ways to Hit Page 1

5. The La Union Weekend Day 1: Thunderbird Resort

6. Offshore Ad-venture

7. DIM2013 La Union: Influencers For Change

8. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit La Union 2013

Thank you Cebu participants

Our Cebu event last November 24 went quite well and glad to see a lot of participants all inspired especially in our “Influencer Transformation” panel. Here are some of the blog post shared online after the event:

1. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu Takeaways

2. The Digital Influencers Summit in Cebu – The Post-Jet Lag Aftermath and the Awakening #dim2012

3. Today is a Special Day

4. When bloggers just need to meet with each other

5. Back to Square Zero

6. Core Values of a Digital Influencer: Authenticity

7. 11 Things I learned in the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

8. What does it take to be Digital Influencer?

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11. Nose bleeding during the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu

12. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu  #dim2012 storify

13. Why you shouldn’t lose heart – the Janette Toral interview

Thank you Manila participants

Some of those who joined our Manila event last September 29 already joined our Digital Influencers Facebook group to continue the discussion and exchange of ideas.

(check out Manila photo set)

Some of the write-ups we got includes:

1. Highlights of the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit (Jasmine Cruz)

2. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012 (Daryll)

3. Proud to be a Digital Influencer (Rocky Batara)

4. Learning new digital techniques at Digital Influencers Marketing Summit  2012 (Christian Melanie Lee)

5. The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit: Empowering Future Influencers and Advocates (Ross Del Rosario)

6. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012 (Ice)

7. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012 (Jenny)

8. The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012: A Toast to Filipino Bloggers (Song)

9. 3 Essential Steps to be an Online Influencer (Ben Francia)

10. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012 Review (Rona)

11. Going DOWN is not always a negative: Digital Influencers Marketing Summit of 2012 (Antonio Topacio)

12. Hitting Page 1: How Digital Influencers and Brand Advocates are Shaping Search Engine Results

13. DIM 2012: I did it, Hooray!

14. Out of the box

(If you attended the Cebu or Manila event and blogged about it, kindly give me a heads-up and will check your blog post out.)

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