FREE: DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp #ecombootcamp

FREE: DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp #ecombootcamp

Do you want to put up an online business but don’t know how to get started? Do you have an e-commerce site but need help in growing it further?

Join the FREE DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp! (#ecombootcamp)

Learn how to put up a website, market your products and services, accept payments online, and make your customers loyal.

This is a 35-lesson program conducted online for free. The first run will have live webinar lectures, access to our members-only area, and consultation sessions.

The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp #ecombootcamp is ongoing.

It can be taken by anyone interested whether students, professionals, employed individuals, and entrepreneurs here and abroad.


DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp

The program outline and schedule shall be as follows. (Schedule may be subject to change. This page shall be frequently updated to reflect changes.) Note that output requirements for participants to comply with shall be discussed during the webinar session.

1. Overview of E-Commerce in the Philippines (1 session)

  • – Introduction to e-commerce
  • – Forms of e-commerce
  • – Market statistics
  • – Advantages and disadvantages

2. Storytelling / visualization to project stakeholders and customers guide. (1 session)
– Mind mapping
– The Hero’s Journey and Presentation Form

3. E-Commerce policies (4 sessions)

  • – E-Commerce Law
  • – Data Privacy Act
  • – Consumer Protection Regulations
  • – Advertising Regulations

4. Doing E-Commerce Safely (1 session)

  • – Online banking
  • – Online shopping

5. Understand the business pattern (2 sessions)

  • – online banking
  • – online shopping (retail, special deals, group buying, auction, classifieds, marketplace)
  • – membership sites
  • – e-learning
  • – B2B
  • – mobile commerce
  • – payment gateway
  • – affiliate programs
  • – e-government
  • – free business modelfree prize
  • – SWOT Analysis, Blue Ocean strategy,  Multiple models
  • – What makes an e-commerce business successful?

6.Understanding the customer (2 sessions)

7. Building an E-Commerce Strategy (4 sessions)

  • – Creating new ideas (lateral marketing6 thinking hats)
  • – Identifying your Brand Name
  • – Creation of business model canvas (target customers, unique value proposition, product lines, partners, key resource, key activities, customers)
  • – will it be remarkable?
  • – Success criteria
  • – Developing prototypes, scenarios, and testing idea acceptance. (stickiness)

8. Internet Marketing and Advertising Strategy (7 sessions)

  • – Online Advertising Options
  • – Search engine optimization
  • – E-mail campaigns
  • – Working with bloggers
  • – Social media presence
  • – Online contest
  • – In-game presence
  • – Mobile applications
  • – Forum interaction
  • – Affiliate programs

9. E-Commerce Project Plan (7 sessions)

  • – Content plan
  • – Platform and infrastructure identification
  • – Web design
  • – Graphics development
  • – Site testing checklist
  • – Security checklist
  • – Payment platform
  • – Ad server
  • – Mobile site

10. Customer service (2 sessions)

  • – Delivery of products
  • – Terms and conditions
  • – Refund and replacement policy
  • – Data privacy policy
  • – Customer relationship management
  • – Complaint handling
  • – Fraud

11. Maintenance (2 sessions)

  • – Traffic tracking tools (what to monitor)
  • – Platform security
  • – Monitoring hacking attempts
  • – Working with government in handling complaints or seeking of assistance (Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation, Department of Trade and Industry, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, National Telecommunications Commission, DOST-ICTSO).

Graduates of the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp will be recognized during the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit event that shall take place in different parts of the country. Presentation opportunities will also be given to interesting projects in progress or completed.

Why join the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp?

1. Learn for free.
This is part of Janette Toral’s advocacy to train 1 Million Filipinos wanting to become e-commerce entrepreneurs.

2. Meet like-minded individuals and learn with your friends.
You can invite your friends to take this free e-commerce workshop with you and work together in completing projects. You will also meet new people in the process.

3. Designed for all levels (beginners, novice, advance)
Our topics will cover a wide range and shall be ready to accommodate queries from various user skill levels.

4. Up-to-date relevant topics
We will tackle the latest developments in the sphere of e-commerce. We are flexible and can expand the learning program as the need arises.

5. Multi-disciplinary E-Commerce Trainers
The workshop will be conducted by e-commerce and social media specialist Janette Toral and invited DigitalFilipino Club Members. Through her website, blogs, books, lectures / workshops (face to face and online), and consultation sessions, Janette will share hands-on knowledge on various facets of e-commerce.

6. Be DigitalFilipino Certified (Am open to negotiation with schools or foundations to partner with this advocacy.)
To graduate from the boot camp, a participant must be able to roll-out an e-commerce site, market it, get customers, and build relationships with brand advocates.

7. Get support for your E-Commerce Business
Participants who will need further assistance can join  the DigitalFilipino Start-Up 100 Project where interested DigitalFilipino Club members can invest and help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

8. Become part of a movement
OUR GOAL is to train ONE (1) MILLION aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world. In addition to the online boot camp, we will also have a roadshow series that will kick-off this February with the 4th DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit. It will be taken to at least 16 locations all over the country.

9. Flexible schedule.
If you can’t attend the live webinar sessions, no need to worry. Learning materials will be posted online allowing participants to review the lesson, whether they were able to tune in or not, and work on assignments.

10. Help fellow educators.
We hope that this online boot camp will be most valuable to professors who would like to teach their students the ins and outs of e-commerce with practical exercise to work on.

About DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp

The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp is an advocacy of Janette Toral that aims to help Filipinos aspiring to become e-commerce entrepreneurs. This is the 2nd round of our free e-commerce workshop series. The first one happened in 2003 that gathered 3000 participants online and supplemented in 2004 with e-commerce workshop in Manila and Cebu.

Janette Toral is a disruptive e-commerce practitioner since 1997. A change agent,  maverick leader, and velvet rope architect. Janette has authored and published e-commerce books in the year 2000 (print) and 2004 (online and print). She is a Certified ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner (issued by Scrum Alliance, a global certification body).


The DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp #ecombootcamp is ongoing. Hope you can join and share this free learning opportunity to others.

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