Social Networking

Social Networking

Here are articles we have written in relation to social networking. Learn more about the power of social networks and how it can be used for your business at the 2nd Social Networking Conference this coming April 22 & 23, 2010.


Meeting Yehuda Berg
January 20, 2010

LAST Monday, I had the opportunity to meet Yehuda Berg during the launch of his new book, “The Power to Change Everything.” Yehuda is known as “the people’s Kabbalist.” He shares these teachings as technology to improve everyday life. In his new book, Yehuda examines the problematic areas of politics, religion, environment and economy and points out our most common and collective blind spots. It is impressive as well how he used social media to spread the word about his advocacy.


Follow-up on this topic: Using Social Networks to Promote Beliefs, Religion, Advocacies


Follow me
March 26, 2009
TODAY, there are many tools available online that can be used to create your presence and allow frequent readers to follow you on the Internet. Here are some tools that you can use..


Follow-up: Top Social Networking Sites in the Philippines series (ongoing)


Social network spending
March 20, 2009
EVEN though companies cut down cost in many fixed expenditure items, like traditional advertising, increased spending is seen being shifted to social network marketing.


Follow-up: Getting into social network advertising


More than 600,000 Filipinos logon to Facebook daily
March 19, 2009
I often get asked how many Filipinos are there in Facebook. Checking out AllFacebook of Philippines-based users yields around 611,000 to 612,000 logon everyday since March 1.


Guarding your reputation online
March 12, 2009
WITH blogs, social networks and fora becoming pervasive online, it is important for personalities, politicians, companies and even government agencies to monitor what gets said about them and correct any false information.


Follow-up: Recovering from a bad publicity


Sending money via social networks
February 11, 2009
THE first money remittance service I used that has a social networking feature is This is where you have to invite your recipient or sender to create an account, establish friendship connection, and be able to send or receive money from there.


Follow-up: Benefits & challenges on sending money through social networks


Mobile Blogging and Social Networking
February 5, 2009


AS Internet connectivity becomes faster in the Philippines, the number of mobile phone users going online through their respective gadgets will increase in 2009. They will use mobile devices to check their e-mail, catch up with friends through social networks, upload small-size photos (and even low-resolution, one-minute videos) and update their blogs with characters equivalent to the size of a text message.


How to Photoblog & Vlog from the Mobile Phone
Do Telcos get it? Mobile Blogging & Social Networking


Blogs and social network for book promotion
September 11, 2008
I have been publishing books and research reports for quite sometime now. But this is the first time I used blogs and social networks to promote them. Here are the things I learned in the process, and wished that I have done before.


(further discussed this article on how it applies to e-learning promotion)


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Politicians and social networks
August 7, 2008


LAST week, I was interviewed on television about politicians using social networks to reach out to their constituency. I think this trend will escalate next year and I won�t be surprised if provincial or regional social networks will grow in number to get more of the voting constituency, who are mostly young and in their teens (17 and up), to participate online.
(additional insight)


Developing applications in social networks
July 10, 2008


SHELLY D. Farnham released an O’Reilly Radar Report titled, “The Facebook Application Ecosystem,” last March 2008. It looked into various Facebook applications, analyzed which ones thrive and discussed factors influencing such development.


More data and mind map on this topic.


Six trends in social networks
June 19, 2008
DURING the Social Networking and eBusiness Conference on May 20, Friendster vice president David Jones shared six trends that social networks are expected to evolve into. I totally agree with him and here are some of my thoughts as well.


(additional info)


Getting US Traffic
April 10, 2008
IN addition to search engine optimization, directories and spreading the word to your friends, another way to lure visitors to your site is through social media or content sharing sites like that can drive huge traffic from the United States.


1.4 Million Users Flock ItzaMatch
April 10, 2008
Despite the popularity of Friendster in the Philippines, local site Itzamatch has attracted nearly 2 million users to date where 1.4 million are active. “72% of our members are from the Philippines, 10% US, 2.6% Hong Kong, 1.8% Canada, 1.6% Singapore, 1.4% Saudi Arabia and 10.6% everywhere else, ” said Faith Sabanpan Ponte, marketing and web services head of Itzamatch.


Lifestreaming in RP
April 3, 2008


AS more Filipinos connect to the Internet, users post records of their daily activities, such as uploading photos, videos, blogging and social updates, among others. All of these activities are now referred to as “lifestreaming.”


Dynamics and growth of friendship networks
March 20, 2008


THE dynamics of friendship networks is not very different from business networks. However, it is more natural as people in a friendship network know each other more.


Localized Content is Key to Virtual Worlds Success
March 19, 2008
GrooveNet is considered as the first virtual world set-up in the Philippines. The service will turn 2 years old this June and it has over 100,000 members in the Philippines and thousands more Filipino members abroad, according to Gregory “Greg” Kittelson, co-founder and president of the company.


From friendship to business networks
March 13, 2008
Putting up a business network can be quite a challenge and needs a lot of hard work. Organizing one requires putting several things into action. But the potentials are limitless.


Marketing via social networks
March 6, 2008
MY column last week tackled the question how one can market through social networks. To best illustrate this concept, let me tell you how I promoted iBlog4: The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit that will be held on April 26, 2008 at University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.


Social networking and e-business
February 28, 2008
I BELIEVE social networks have a major influence in the field of e-commerce or e-business today. Friendster, Multiply, MySpace and Facebook, among others, are becoming powerful platforms to meet other people and get recommendation on services or products to purchase online.


Moomai Picks Looking Glass Theme in Social Networking
February 26, 2008
Last December, I signed up as an alpha user of Moomai and tinkered with it. This Philippine-made social networking site is in its alpha stage. Prior to this post, I”m quite confused on what Moomai intends to achieve and beat that curiosity by sending an e-mail to Luis Buenaventura, president of syndeo::media, and asked about the future of this new social network.


Chikka open doors to Web. 2.0 and Social Network Developers
February 22, 2008
According to Gio, Chikka has a revolutionary project that would require partnership with web 2.0 and social network developers. “We have a revenue model designed for them. This new development keeps me busy in looking for developers, whether companies or individuals.”


Facebook liberation
September 27, 2007
FACEBOOK was one of the social networks that came out after Friendster. For most young Filipinos, Multiply and MySpace are most likely next to Friendster in popularity. However, something happened lately and there�s a deluge of Internet users getting active in Facebook, including me, and that is because of the numerous application invites that current users send to their friends. These application invites include questions, virtual drink, gestures and, most especially, games.


Ten ways I use LinkedIn
January 7, 2007


Guy Kawasaki”s blog post on “Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn” inspired me to share the ten ways how I use LinkedIn.

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