Few Copies Left! E-Commerce Workshop E-Book

Few Copies Left! E-Commerce Workshop E-Book

After 4 years since DigitalFilipino.com launched the first e-commerce book in the country, we finally came up with a 2nd edition designed once again for students, SMEs and non-IT professionals. Buy a copy now!


The E-Commerce Workshop E-Book tackles the following lessons:


Lesson #1: What is Electronic Commerce?
Lesson #2: Guide to Researchers
Lesson #3: Advantages & Disadvantages in E-Commerce
Lesson #4: Business Models within E-Commerce (B2C/E-Banking)
Lesson #5: Online Shopping (Business Models within E-Commerce)
Lesson #6: E-Learning (Business Models within E-Commerce)
Lesson #7: Guidelines for Merchants
Lesson #8: Business-to-Business (Business Models within E-Commerce)
Lesson #9: Mobile Commerce (Business Models within E-Commerce
Lesson #10: The E-Commerce Law
Lesson #11: E-Government
Lesson #12: E-Commerce Strategy
Lesson #13: Internet Branding
Lesson #14: Internet Advertising
Lesson #15: Internet Payments
Lesson #16: E-Commerce Project Plan


Order a copy now for only five dollars (US$5.00). Shipping fee worth US$2 is added to cover local (within the Philippines) delivery cost while US$3 for international.


You can also order the book with unlimited electronic updates for only US$16. This will also entitle you to a certificate upon submission of workshop assignments.


The author is the first Filipino to be published by McGraw-Hill Education Asia. (more info)


If you are unsure if this book is for you, take our FREE E-Commerce Workshop Online that lets you take a sneak peak of our 3rd edition working draft to be published in 2007.


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