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Affiliate Marketing or Internet Advertising: Generate Income on Your Website

There are many ways an informational website can earn online. One is through affiliate marketing while the other is Internet advertising. Which one is for you will depend on your website's reach. Internet Advertising Internet advertising is where a company pays you a fixed fee to have their banner ad or [...]

41 Modules, 300+ FREE E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Education Lessons

When I started back in September 16, 1999, my aspiration was to serve as a platform to educate people on e-commerce. Started by talking about industry developments, pushing for the E-Commerce Law, until I  spend more time developing e-commerce education content. From 2003 to 2007, I released 3 email-based [...]

Multi-Level Marketing and E-Commerce Online: Focus on Product or Recruitment?

Ever since I launched the E-Commerce Boot Camp and Digital Influencer Boot Camp, got to meet more folks in the multi-level marketing space who would like to learn how they can use digital marketing and e-commerce to be effective in conducting business online. I think the usual pitch on a [...]

Movers and Shakers in the Philippines E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Scene

The Philippines E-Commerce sector is no doubt bustling in growth and potential. One thing I often get asked is "who are the most important people driving its growth?" If Alexa will serve as basis based on the top websites in the Philippines, these people, not necessarily Filipinos or based [...]

Verifying number one (#1) specialist claims, expert reviews

There is a growing number of professionals today who are proclaiming themselves as number one (#1). There are also reviews being published proclaiming individuals as number one and make it rank on search engine results. Have seen this in fields such as wealth generation coaching, real estate consulting, Internet marketing, [...]