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41 Modules, 300+ FREE E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Education Lessons

When I started back in September 16, 1999, my aspiration was to serve as a platform to educate people on e-commerce. Started by talking about industry developments, pushing for the E-Commerce Law, until I  spend more time developing e-commerce education content. From 2003 to 2007, I released 3 email-based [...]

Purchasing Managers Index reports now available

The Purchasing Managers Index Philippines report by i-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation is now available for purchase online. This is an indicator of economic activity reflecting purchasing managers' acquisition of goods and services. Considered as one of the most reliable activity-based business indicator that is trusted globally. It is used as an [...]

Choosing an E-Commerce Web Site Hosting Service

Around seven years ago, it is hard to identify an honest, competitive, and legitimate web hosting company. While most local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer web hosting services, a big bulk of Philippine web sites are hosted in the US for reasons such as downloading speed, affordable rates, availability [...]

Call for Cross-Industry Associations Support: E-Commerce Measurement Framework

Early last year, I presented the need for an Internet and e-commerce measurement framework at the National Statistical Coordination Board January 18, 2012 meeting in response to their planned "Formulation of the Philippine Society Development Program 2011-2017 - Chapter on Information Society Statistics". Having done my own share of Internet [...]

Verifying number one (#1) specialist claims, expert reviews

There is a growing number of professionals today who are proclaiming themselves as number one (#1). There are also reviews being published proclaiming individuals as number one and make it rank on search engine results. Have seen this in fields such as wealth generation coaching, real estate consulting, Internet marketing, [...]

Call for sponsors: Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit is an ongoing event where we aim to build a community of Digital Influencers from all over the country. We are expecting 300 to 400 participants comprised of entrepreneurs, brand managers, brand advocates, influencers, bloggers, and social media users to attend this event on September [...]