Start-up 100 Project Featured at E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Conference 2015

Start-up 100 Project Featured at E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Conference 2015

shutterstock_157028243When version 2 of our free e-commerce e-learning programs was launched online in 2012, the insights gained at the International Visitors Leadership Program in 2011 heavily influenced its structure. I made sure it had two sister components supporting it. First is an e-commerce conference where e-commerce start-ups we meet along the way can be featured. Second, to support aspiring student start-ups with ideas, network connections, and industry exposure.

Start-up project i-Metrics Asia-Pacific Corporation, the entity behind the E-Commerce Intensity Index, was the first endeavor that came out. The nurturing period is a bit long but am glad it had other projects that kept itself afloat while working on this advocacy. Gaining momentum and recognition for its process requires expansion of mindset on how e-commerce is helping our country in becoming competitive. Our work in this space made us also realize the many sector development opportunities vastly untapped when it comes to creating e-commerce solutions to help them. A big reason behind it is the lack of people that can be tapped to answer these needs.

Hence, last January, we started our first batch of the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program. I wish the learning process can be shorten but that would also underestimate the magnitude on the “minimum” knowledge needed to get a well-rounded mindset when it comes to e-commerce industry development.

As we reached halfway in the program, agony sets in on what solutions can be built that can have a bigger stakeholder impact – be instrumental in pushing the economic growth of e-commerce in the Philippines. Then we reached a realization point and finally understood where we can place ourselves and have a spot under the son.

This coming August 29, the 7th edition of our E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Manila will take place at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel. I am thrilled to have these e-commerce start-up projects share their stories, ideals, and their vision that can lead to a better future for our country.

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