Winners: DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2014

Winners: DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2014

Last March 5, we recognized thirty-nine (39) websites as winners of the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2014. They were recognized at the Amphitheater of Ateneo Graduate of School of Business, Rockwell Drive, Makati City.

Check out the photos taken last March 5, 2014.

Most winners gave a 5-minute presentation discussing their website covering what they did in 2013, lessons learned, and plans for 2014. The event was a follow-up of our recent E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit that happened last February 15, 2014.

The 6th DigitalFilipino Web Awards recognized the changes with the way web sites are being perceived now and how it’s valued. As Filipinos primary Internet activity today is to search and interact through social networks, high quality websites filled with relevant content and its attractiveness for social media sharing influences which websites matter more than the rest.

This year – DigitalFilipino Web Awards was made possible with the support of GMO GlobalSign Inc..

To determine the list of winners, we did a scan of local websites in 50 to 100 categories to create the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2014 list of winners. Selection criteria includes:

  • Search engine competitiveness
  • Website traffic stickiness
  • Technical performance
  • Social media engagement

df-web-awards-2014Congratulations to all the winners and we thank you for accepting our humble recognition. (not in any particular order)

  1. Classifieds Category –
  2. Retail Store Category –
  3. Television –
  4. New Media Category –
  5. Community Category –
  6. Broadcast News Category –
  7. Broadcast News (Emerging) Category –
  8. Showbiz Category –
  9. Fashion Store Category –
  10. Retail Store (Emerging) Category –
  11. Specialist Marketplace Category –
  12. Specialist Marketplace (Emerging) Category –
  13. Technology Category –
  14. Real Estate Category –
  15. Logistics Category –
  16. Sports Category –
  17. Video-on-Demand Category –
  18. Government Category –
  19. Newspaper Category –
  20. Newspaper Category –
  21. Entertainment Blog Category –
  22. Personal Blog Category –
  23. Entrepreneur Blog Category –
  24. Messaging Category –
  25. New Media (Emerging) Category –
  26. Bank Category –
  27. Bank Category –
  28. Jobs Category –
  29. Airline Category –
  30. Telecommunication Category –
  31. Society Category –
  32. Guide Category –
  33. Restaurant Category –
  34. Internet Service Category –
  35. Directory Category –
  36. Magazine Category –
  37. Magazine Category –
  38. Daily Deals Category –
  39. Food Blog Category –

Should you have any questions, Janette Toral can be reached through Facebook private message.


We initially dubbed this as a 2013 award. However, as we got input from present stats in finalizing the winners and the next one will take quite sometime (in 2 to 3 years), we decided to refer to this recognition as a 2014 award.

As we also got several “tie” situations, we recognize that we need to improve our input signals and shall study this in preparation for our next award that may happen within the next 3 years.

How the awards started?

The DigitalFilipino Web Awards started in 2007 as a personal project to get our community members in the DigitalFilipino Club involved in discovering new websites and learning collectively on best practices. It is also an experiment in terms of measuring brand influence and reach through 3rd party data sources.

On the 4th edition (2010) onwards, we switched to metrics-based instead of human judging to understand further how search engines and social media react to content and user engagement.

The lessons learned get shared in the community through articles, presentations, and discussions.

Since the awards started in 2007, we did not collect fees from entries or winners. There are no requirements or strings attached prior to release of the award.

Why did the awards returned this 2014 (when it paused after the 2011 edition)?

The 2014 edition is important as the lessons learned will serve as input on how far have we gone today after 20 years of the Internet in the Philippines. We are using these lessons learned in writing the Part 2 of the Philippine Internet Review: 20 years of the Internet in the Philippines.

Future plans

As will reach its 20th year on 2019, one of the projects we are working on is the development of an E-Commerce Intensity Index and E-Commerce Maturity Index. The lessons learned in this space will guide us further in measuring a website’s growth. This is important as 3rd party data sources have become too limiting as we observed in the 2014 edition of this awards that resulted to tie in several categories. We need to create and establish new parameters to continuously and proactively measure e-commerce growth independently.

It is likely that the DigitalFilipino Web Awards will be continued by a research company in the future for continuity – if the need for it remains in the years to come.

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  • Dunn Celestial Reply

    Hi Ms. Janette Toral, I read in your article that DOST was recognized in Government Category, we are not informed about this event, may we know who accepted the said recognition in behalf of DOST, Thank you – DOST Web Administrator

    December 26, 2014 at 3:44 pm
    • Janette Toral Reply

      Hi Dunn. We wrote then to key folks we know at DOST but did not received a response. Kindly advise where I could have it sent.

      December 30, 2014 at 12:53 am

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