Top Publishers in the Philippines Move Towards Common System for Online Audience Measurement

Top Publishers in the Philippines Move Towards Common System for Online Audience Measurement


Top online publishers ABS-CBN Interactive, BusinessWorld Publishing Corp, GMA New Media, Inquirer Interactive, Philippine Entertainment Portal, PhilStar Global Corp., and Summit Publishing Co. came together to work toward the adoption of global standards and best practices in online publishing beginning with the appointment of a common provider for their third-party audience measurement system.


The group has chosen Effective Measure, an Australian -based company, as its preferred audience measurement solutions provider. The publishers agreed to give Effective Measure permission to gather data on their respective websites and to officially release such data to advertisers and advertising agencies at a date to be determined by the publishers.


The initiative to come up with a common measurement was made by Edna Belleza, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of GMA New Media. According to Edna, having a common system of online audience measurement is now necessary and it is a direction being embrace by publishers globally.


“In the Philippines, we hope that by having a common system, advertisers and agencies will be clearly guided, not be confused on various data being presented to them. We expect that there will be challenges as well. But what is important is that we will take this step and address them collectively,” Edna explained.


By April 2011, the group of publishers will be releasing its first set of audience data. Every month thereafter, new information shall be released.


At present, around 20 advertisers and agencies already have access to the data being generated by Effective Measure. The said info is used to aid advertisers better in choosing the sites where they can advertise based on their desired audience and other parameters down to the city or town level.


According to Russell Conrad, regional director of South East Asia for Effective Measure, “Online publishers, including blogs, who like to join and be tagged are encouraged to register online at Effective Measure. Once done, a local representative will be in touch to customize reports given to advertisers that the publisher can be comfortable with.”


Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines were likewise present to lend support to the initiative. IMMAP board member Norman Agatep believes that this is a step that we all need to help the industry mature. “As IMMAP, we will endorse this decision that the publishers have made to the advertising community. We will monitor as well and give feedback for improvement.”



“Having common tool will allow advertisers and partners to measure their return of investment,” said Connie Nolasco Lopez, managing director of ABS-CBN Interactive.


BusinessWorld editorial board chairman Vergel Santos believes that they are forming the first news or media community as they adhere to common measurement standards.


“Today is historic,” noted by Atty. Felipe Gozon, chairman and CEO of GMA Network. “Advertisers need a credible standard that will help them judge where to put their money.”


Paolo Prieto, president of Inquirer Interactive agrees and added, “The lack of standards hamper the growth of online media as an advertising medium. Having a common measurement can help this industry mature further.”


“The adoption of common measurement standards will benefit advertisers, publishers, and the public.” said Juan Kevin G. Belmonte, president of PhilStar Global Corp.


Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, president of Summit Publishing and Philippine Entertainment Portal, is pleased as well. “Finally, there is transparency in presenting data to advertisers as publishers will use a common standard.”



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  • Ginger Arboleda Reply

    Wow, i’m excited to see the outcome of the data. This will be quite interesting. So, how do companies get hold of the data if they want to see the reports? We hope that they won’t be charging the publishers after the three month period.

    February 28, 2011 at 2:52 pm
    • Janette Toral Reply

      Yes there is a subscription fee Ginger that is dependent on traffic. On my end, had an agreement with them that I will have my blog network under 1 account. Currently compiling 100 blogs (owned by different bloggers) to join this effort.

      July 19, 2011 at 11:03 pm
  • Soprettynicole Reply

    Leaning towards the advancement. Great! 🙂

    April 19, 2012 at 7:00 am

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