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  • 08:00PM
June 12, 2016

Managing Merchants in Lazada as a Service Provider

This June 12 (8 pm), we are having a Certified E-Commerce Specialist module 1 webinar session focused on the topic "Managing Merchants in Lazada as a Service Provider". Our guest speaker is MJ Gaan of Franeta Mall/BDI Inc. She is a Lazada Trainer, Top Seller, and Accredited Lazada Service Provider. You can sign-up at Limited slots only. I am giving free slots for our Facebook Page followers. More info about the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, Professional Program at

  • 09:00AM
  • Infinity Hub, Door 4 TMNT Bldg. #8 Doña Vicenta Drive, Bajada, 8000 Davao City
June 1, 2019

Davao: Search Influencer Boot Camp

A lot of site owners today who used to be ranking on search engine results are gradually finding themselves moving to subsequent pages. There are several factors influencing this and for sites running for a few years now - it also meant a revisit and necessary upgrade. This training is an improvement in our Search Influencer Boot Camp ( Personally, I have websites running more than 10 years now and in the process for these upgrades. A lot of what I will...

  • 05:00PM
June 5, 2019

Sales Impact Report & Workshop

Sales require influence and in the Maxwell Method of Sales Impact program, your sales team will be positioned for increasing sale by learning how to leverage a prospects’ buying style. You will be invited to complete our Maxwell Method of Sales Impact Report and discuss the results in our Sales Impact 2-hour Workshop on June 3, 2019, from 5 pm to 7 pm via webinar. In this online workshop, you will learn: Your selling style, strengths and how to maximize them. Your...

  • 07:00PM
June 13, 2019

E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, & Freelancing Trainers Program

As turns 20 years old this September 2019, we are focused reaching the target of enabling 100,000 MSMEs to do e-commerce. We will also develop more e-commerce advocates, consultants, and trainers who shares the same passion that we have. To join and become Certified E-Commerce Trainer Level 1, become a trainer training patron today and start working on the following: E-Commerce Introduction Branding Development Buyer Persona WordPress Site Development & Security Site Theme & Content Creation - Photos &...