The Filipino Online Shopper Report (2002)

In The Filipino Online Shopper Report, 1st issue of the StatsReport, and were named as favorite foreign and local shopping site by Filipino online buyers.


Close to 400 Internet users from Cebu, Davao, Manila, Iloilo, Batangas, and other parts of the country were interviewed from February to June 2002 to come up with this report. has remained the top shopping site of choice of Filipinos for 2 years straight based on’s survey. More than half of the online buyers interviewed shop at, a second placer in this survey and tied with is the only local site frequently named by the online buyers interviewed. Both sites got 11% vote share.


Based from the shopping habits that we’ve seen from our survey, majority of Filipino online buyers right now belongs to the upper middle class and the smart nouveau rich market segments. Most products bought are meant for oneself rather than a gift for somebody else.


Why is The Filipino Online Shopper Report right for you?


  • The report represents information gathered through face-to-face interviews therefore giving a highly accurate picture of the business-to-consumer shopping habits.
  • DigitalFilipino gives guidelines for merchants based on documented market research profile of Filipinos.



Who can benefit from The Filipino Online Shopper Report?


The report is essential for anyone in the retail, services, or travel industry. It is a valuable resource for investment bankers and consultancies working with the retail industry and dotcom start-ups, as well as any advertising agency that seeks Philippines consumer online shopping habits.


The Filipino Online Shopper Report covers the following issues, and more:


  • Shopping habits and preferences of Filipinos
  • Where did online merchants go wrong?
  • Internet by 2005
  • Poor marketing



Pages: 8
Charts: 22
Released Date: June 26, 2002

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