Software Process Improvement Workshop Online

Software Process Improvement Workshop Online started its advocacy for making the Philippines CMM/CMMI self-sufficient in December 2001. To further support this cause, we are launching this comprehensive software process improvement workshop designed for individuals who would like to learn more about it.


Buy the e-book now for only US$25 via Ikobo or via
that contains the following lessons.


Lesson #1: Introduction to Software Process Improvement
Lesson #2: Requirements Management
Lesson #3: Project Planning
Lesson #4: Project Monitoring and Control
Lesson #5: Supplier Agreement Management
Lesson #6: Configuration Management
Lesson #7: Process and Product Quality Assurance
Lesson #8: Measurement and Analysis
Lesson #9: Requirements Development
Lesson #10: Technical Solution
Lesson #11: Product Integration
Lesson #12: Verification
Lesson #13: Validation
Lesson #14: Organizational Process Focus
Lesson #15: Organizational Process Definition
Lesson #16: Organizational Training
Lesson #17: Integrated Project Management
Lesson #18: Risk Management
Lesson #19: Integrated Supplier Management
Lesson #20: Decision Analysis and Resolution
Lesson #21: Tying it all together


The workshop is intended to make you knowledgeable in software process improvement and the CMMI model. Buy the e-book now for only US$25 and learn what you need to know about software process improvement.


Should you like to earn a training certificate from after completing this email workshop series. Just submit the assignments given after each lesson.


The workshop exercises/assignment has three types of activities:


  1. Do research and comparison of methodologies.
  2. Build a software development project plan for a new or existing application.


All exercises are meant to be engaging you in the fullest extent. At the same time, improve your writing and e-mail communication skills.


I’ll be updating the DigitalFilipino Software Process Improvement Workshop E-Book every month. We’ll be adding more content, tips, advice, and insights that can be useful to your software process improvement endeavors.

Becoming an owner of the DigitalFilipino Software Process Improvement Workshop E-Book will entitle you to lifetime free edition updates of the e-book.


Each new edition will also result to an increase in price. Get it now while it is at a discounted price of twenty five dollars only (US$25). Buy now via Ikobo! You can also purchase it via CCNow.



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