E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit


Finally! Celebrating 20th year of DigitalFilipino.com with the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Cebu this June 6, 2020 in collaboration with Third Team Media.


Celebrating 20th year of DigitalFilipino.com with the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit this September 12 from 1 pm to 8 pm via webinar in collaboration with Third Team Media.

E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities

This year’s summit theme focuses on “E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities”. Our economy went through tough challenges because of the Covid19 pandemic. However, e-commerce is now the new normal as more companies are embracing it.

With various initiatives coming into play from the government and private sector, e-commerce is growing in diverse fields and expected to impact the country’s gross domestic product at an increasing and faster rate in the next 5 years.

Our September 12 summit will discuss how e-commerce can be harnessed further as the world recovers from the pandemic.

Topics & Schedule

More info will be added. Topics are subject to change.

I. Keynote Talk

II. E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities in Travel, Tourism, Restaurant, and Hospitality Sector

III. E-Payment & Fulfillment Growth & Opportunities

IV. E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing Growth & Opportunities

V. E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities in Government Sector

VI. Digital Agencies & Freelancers Niching in the E-Commerce Space: Growth & Opportunities

VII. E-Commerce Growth & Opportunities in the Manufacturing & Retail Sector

VIII. The State of E-Commerce in the Philippines

IX. Digital Leadership in an E-Commerce World

Participants will be entitled to also join our bonus sessions: E-Commerce Boot Camp and Digital Influencer Boot Camp. Dates will be announced soon.

Payment & Registration

The early bird rate is P4,499 also entitles you to take part in our E-Commerce Boot Camp and Digital Influencers Boot Camp. Details will be announced soon.

Folks interested can send DigitalFilipino a private message (https://facebook.com/digitalfilipino) for billing instructions or contact Fleire Castro of Third Team Media at 09152564918.

P.S. Topics are subject to change without prior notice.


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