Logical Thoughts

Logical Thoughts

Here are some of our lessons learned in SPI/CMMI, outsourcing, website development, and book reviews.


Change your password regularly

January 15, 2009


ONE thing you have to be cautious with when using computers is your password. This is especially true when this gets shared with others or is part of the network.


Technical judging

October 30, 2008


A lot of factors were considered to make the judging as fair as possible. This includes the use of tools for areas that require technical and coding know-how.


Judging criteria of DigitalFilipino.com Web Awards


OFWs, Filipino migrants and the Internet

January 10, 2008


SINCE last month, I’ve been managing a blog that features Filipino migrants and those working abroad. Reading stories about them firsthand made me more sensitive to the reasons they are there.

Research methodology
December 27, 2007


RECENTLY, I received an interesting e-mail asking how I conduct my research. This is related to the survey results that I share here in my column once in awhile.


Website improvement tools
October 18, 2007


ONE of the problems that website owners have to tackle is improving their sites. As components are added to it, loading performance may become slow, which will disappoint visitors.


Protecting yourself against threats
August 09, 2007


IN the 12 years I’ve been writing industry stories, I often get asked to look into sensational issues as possible story for this column, my blog or even a book. If you are in the same situation, here are some tips.


The Politics of Software
May 15, 2006


One of the important provisions in the implementation of the E-Commerce Law or Republic Act 8792 is technology neutrality. This is the reason why there is no prescribed technology on how electronic signatures shall be generated, giving parties in a transaction, the right to choose the digital signatures that suit their needs.


Building software intellectual property value
May 11, 2006


Kudos to Microsoft Philippines for the very successful Software Innovations Philippines event last May 8 to 10. I had the privilege to attend the CEOs� (chief executive officers�) forum session and found with great interest the discussion on measuring the growth and success factor of the software development sector.


Power players and E-services 2006
December 1, 2005


THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) started the E-Services campaign five years ago. Even at the start of the campaign, Cebu made its mark as an IT (information technology) outsourcing destination. On the third year, Davao made its own launching.


Clear vision and goals
July 7, 2005


Execution Quotient. If your organization has a hard time achieving business goals or is missing deadlines, perhaps it is time to review your organi-zation�s Execution Quotient. You can find this at http://www.franklincovey.com/xq.


Industry and academe collaboration
June 9, 2005


The Board of Investments and Department of Trade and Industry organized yesterday its first E-Services Industry and Academe Summit. During this forum, industry representatives from call center, animation, software development, engineering services, medical transcription and business process outsourcing shared their human resource concerns, needs and requirements.


Philippine Software Industry 2010 Flight Plan
June 9, 2005


The Philippines has been able to make a great impression on the international market, showing its decisiveness in becoming an outsourcing location of choice, especially in call centers and business process outsourcing. However, in the software development field, it is a reality that most outsourcers have opted for India more than any other country for their software development outsourcing, especially for high-end mission critical projects.


Cost effectiveness of local software
June 2, 2005


Last Sunday, an article was published in a national newspaper where a multinational software company executive said locally made software will be more expensive to support in the long run through upgrades and all.


Leading an SPI effort
June 13, 2005


IMPROVING PROCESSES. I am often asked where one should start in implementing a software process improvement (SPI) program in an organization. Well, different strokes for different folks. In my case, here�s what I find that works best.


Unstoppable emerging technologies
September 30, 2004


The month of September starts the entry of many corporate activities that are meant to prepare for the holiday season and in planning for next year. Since two weeks ago, I�ve been part of the Cisco road tour. I�ve talked about emerging technologies that enterprises today should consider in preparing for their information and communications technology infrastructure. So far, we�ve visited Cebu, Laguna, and Cavite.


Nightmare suppliers
August 12, 2004


OUTSOURCE OR NOT. I�m currently doing a four-day software process improvement competency development workshop in Zamboanga City with around 25 participants. One of the items discussed is supplier agreement management. As we have various software development needs, companies can decide whether to completely outsource the development or consider purchasing a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) package.


Managing requirements
June 10, 2004


FAILURE. A lot of software development projects by organizations, whether large or small, fail, because of poor requirements management.


Government and software dev�t
June 3, 2004


SLOW COUNT. Witnessing the slowness of the processing of our election returns makes me wonder if things would have been better if the computerized election had pushed through.


Software process improvement a must
August 14, 2003


TARGET: WORLD The Philippines has been able to make a great impression on the international market, showing its decisiveness in becoming an outsourcing location of choice, especially in call centers and business process outsourcing.

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