DigitalFilipino StatsReport Release Schedule

DigitalFilipino StatsReport Release Schedule

Having access to the latest Internet, e-commerce, outsourcing, wireless, and information technology research is not easy to keep up to. Tasking an entity to do such service on a customized level is expensive as well.


Vision StatsReport was launched last June 2002 with the intent of empowering entrepreneurs, managers, and students with up-to-date Internet, e-commerce, outsourcing, and wireless market research at the most affordable cost.


Research Methodology
For corporate research reports, we use a combination of personal and email surveys to meet our target number of respondents. We have a database of CxOs (CIO, CEO, CFO, etc.) in the country which we tap from time to time.


For reports that focuses on the individual, surveys are done face -to-face. This allows us to validate all answers given in the survey form and make the necessary follow-up questions which we believe to be reliable, truthful, and sincere. Email and phone surveys are done as well on a case-to-case basis when there’s limitation. We have a database of Internet users which we tap for our surveys as the need arises.


All survey respondents receive a token for participating in our research. We value their privacy and do not require disclosure of personal identity.


12 Reports Schedule: (July 2003 to September 2004)


1. Philippine ICT and Internet Usage in the Product Export Sector
Various exporters interviewed showing computer ownership, Internet use, website ownership and its perceived value, software applications used, among others. The report will also have a special focus in the export sector.


2. State of Internet Service Provider
Internet service providers subscription base, revenue models, manpower, company strengths and challenges.


3. Filipino Mobile Phone User Report Part 2
Mobile phone user prepaid card reloading, banking, and money remittance habits. Are we moving towards mobile commerce?


4. State of Wireless VAS
Value added service providers customer base, revenue models, manpower, company strengths and challenges. Look into MMS, WAP, GPRS, and text message application providers.


5. State of IT Education
This report intends to analyze IT education offerings in the country and the challenges schools are facing.


6. State of B2B and B2C E-Commerce
B2B and B2C E-Commerce players customer base, revenue models, manpower, company strengths and challenges.


7. Filipino Internet User Report Part 2
This is the Philippines participation to the World Internet Project that documents Internet usage, habits, political, and social influence.


8. Filipino Online Shopper Report Part 2
This report shows Filipino online shopping habits and purchases.


9. OFW Internet Habits
Much has been said about OFWs driving most purchases in local e-commerce sites. This report intends to clarify such perception.


10. State of Philippine I.T. Manpower
This report intends to show the IT manpower hired and fired in 2003. In-demand skills, preferred schools, and certification trends will also be included.


11. Philippine IT Industry Compensation, Benefits, and People Practices
This report aims to show human resource practices in the IT industry that can serve as a guide for companies wanting to beef up their programs for employee loyalty.


12. Filipino Internet User Perception on E-Government
This report intends to show Internet user perception on various e-government services in the Philippines.


NOTE: As data gathering poses a lot of challenge, reports release sequence may change without prior notice.


Individual subscription rates:
12 reports … US$250.00 Order Now!
6 reports … US$170.00 Order Now!
3 reports … US$100.00 Order Now!


1. For 12 reports subscription, participation in special events such as its 2nd ICT Market Research Conference gathering (September 26, 2004).
2. Discounts in media-sponsored events.
3. Inclusion in the members directory as an individual member. (for 12 reports subscription)


NOTE: Individuals availing of 3 or 6 reports subscription will receive an email from us validating the report titles to avail of. You can also email us.


Corporate subscription rates:
12 reports … US$350.00 Order Now!


1. Participation in special events such as its 2nd ICT Market Research Conference (September 26, 2004). Good for 2 persons.
2. Discounts in media-sponsored events.
3. Inclusion in the members directory as a corporate member.
4. Receive a PDF copy of the reports as they are released.
5. Have a 468×60 banner ad displayed in the website.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Individual and Corporate Subscription?
Apart from the benefits mentioned above, corporate subscription allows the person receiving the report to make photocopies and distribute to co-employees within its organization (that includes the pdf copy of the report).


Companies with sister organizations are required to get a subscription per company.


Individual subscribers are allowed to photocopy the StatsReport for their personal use but not to distribute it to others. This will constitute a direct violation of the Copyright Law of the Philippines.


2. What are your payment options?
You can pay online, in dollars. Peso option is also available using the 56 pesos conversion rate.


3. Will there be a refund if not all reports are delivered as scheduled?
There’s none. What we’re offering is a 12 report subscription, not an annual one. Until the 12 issues are fully delivered, all benefits stated herein shall apply.


4. What reports have you published so far?
Since June 2001, we have published the following reports:


The Filipino Internet Banker
The report reflects results of 2002 data gathering on the Internet and mobile phone usage habits of Internet bankers.


Philippine I.T. Manpower Report
The report shows the various skill companies look for among IT workers.


Philippine Outsourcing Industry Report
Shows the status of software development, call center, back-office operations, animation, and medical transcription companies in the country.


Filipino Internet User Report
Reflects habits and usage habits of Filipino Internet users.


Filipino Mobile Phone User Report
Texting and value added services adoption among Filipinos were featured in this report.


Filipino Online Shopper Report
Shows online shopping habits and adoption of Filipinos. What makes sites like click and what can local online merchants learn about these findings.


5. Do you have testimonials from your past buyers on what can they say about your report?
Yes we do. Actually, we have a lot but never really used them as it becomes self-serving on our end. However, as potential subscribers like you ask about it, here are some. As we haven’t got the permission of some of our sources, their identities are not disclosed.


“Your report is extremely helpful and on top of that it looks great. Having produced many such reports myself, I recognize the time that you put into it to make it both functional and attractive.” – Scott Helmers, Partner, Harvard Computing Group



“Your StatsReport helped us evaluate the viability of our planned business.” – CEO, Wireless Value Added Service Provider



“Your service offering is both relevant and reasonable. You’re performing a valuable service to the industry. More power to you!” – Vice President, Insurance Firm



“Your StatsReport is very helpful and insightful as a support material for our research work. You provide the most affordable data source on what consumers and the industry think about various IT developments.” – CEO, Research Firm



“I gain a lot of insights from your StatsReport.” – CEO, B2B Trading Company



“Your StatsReport is very interesting, helpful, and the layout is very nice and colorful. The message is very clear, concise, and direct to the point. I think it’s almost complete report except that it has few pages (maybe you add some more). But overall it is an excellent report.” – Noel Anonas, ECE, Fulltime IT Instructor/Developer, Asia Pacific College



“Your StatsReport has helped me passed my thesis report.” – Masters Student, University of Asia and the Pacific



“You’ve been of great help to us students. I know that with your profound knowledge on how Filipinos react in this digitized (digital) age you came up with statistics which helped us to be more aware and sensitive in creating a software suited for the needs of the society and not just create it for technology’s sake.” – Angelica Karen Pinili, UST Student

Any question in relation to this report can be sent to us for further clarification.

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