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Jollibee Foods Online Delivery E-Commerce Experience Manolo Almagro, digital strategist, who led the Jollibee Online Delivery service ( shared behind the scenes stories and lessons learned from this project. Manolo also explained why it is important to get inputs from marketing but not necessarily making them take the lead. Manolo presented this at the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit [...]

Becoming a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Overview of blog and social media entrepreneurship opportunities was presented through a webinar by Janette Toral last April 14, 2011. It was also meant to serve as an overview of the Ateneo-DigitalFilipino Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program ( where module 1 will start this May 5, 2011.

Moving from Traditional to Liberal Elementary and High School Education DigitalFilipino Janette Toral interviewed Raymond Villanueva, President of Bannister Academy, on the teaching methodology they embrace focusing on liberal education and mentoring program to students. Raymond also cite examples on how a school environment will feel like and its impact to student in using such education style. DigitalFilipino Talks series is [...]