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When one put up a company, non-government organization, or web site, one important action to take is to promote it to journalists, media people, and bloggers who are monitoring developments in your field.


In my case, I receive press releases everyday about new websites, outsourcing deals, and wireless technologies being launched. Usually, upon reading the press release material, I will immediately visit the web site and check it out. This is where the disappointments happen.


A journalist visits a website to get more information. A common flaw is that it does not have a concrete “About Us” section that provides significant information about the company, its products and services, and the people behind it.


In addition, very rare would you find local websites that has a PRESS/MEDIA section. This usually contains important facts, figures, information, events, and images for downloading. It should include the people as well that can be contacted for further inquiries. A contact page that states only a generic email address, no contact number, or address is a big turn-off for journalist.


A recent popular means as well is through blogging. This is where you can maintain a business blog keeping your prospective clients posted on new products news, developments, advisory, among others. A good example in this regard is the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Dagupan-based Bitstop, and Cebu-based Ng Khai. They’ve been using their blogs to keep their current and prospective clientele updated.


Lastly, don’t forget to include an option where media, bloggers, and journalists can join a mailing list and provide permission to receive regular updates from you. If you have preferred media or blogger personalities, exert an effort to monitor their publications or blogs. Regular interaction, not necessarily limited to your company’s business, is a good way to build rapport, make your expertise known, and gradually build recall.


Getting a public relations firm, like Dominguez Marketing, to help you in running a media campaign program is also an option especially if you want a structured and highly professional approach.


However, if you are running on a low-budget, or like to support current media campaign efforts, you can also join clubs, media relations, or organizations that includes press release distribution as part of the service.

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