FREE: Blogging 101 Workshop Online started its advocacy for blogging as a means to document knowledge learned in 2003. To further spread blogging know-how, we are launching this Blogging 101 workshop designed for individuals who would like to learn more about it.


This workshop has the following lessons:


Lesson 1: Introduction to blogging
Lesson 2: Getting started in blogging
Lesson 3: Blog copyright and ethics
Lesson 4: Introduction to Podcasting
Lesson 5: Generating revenue through blogs
Lesson 6: Blogging ideas

Blogging From Home by Janette Toral

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The workshop is intended to make you knowledgeable with the basics of blogging.


Should you like to earn a training certificate from after completing this email workshop series. Just submit the assignments given after each lesson and sign up as a member of the Club.


The workshop exercises/assignment has two types of activities:


1. Do research and comparison of websites.

2. Gradually build ideas for one’s blog project.


All exercises are meant to be engaging you in the fullest extent. At the same time, improve your writing and e-mail communication skills.


I’ll be updating this workshop. We’ll be adding more content, tips, advice, and insights that can be useful to your blogging endeavors.



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