Blogging in the Philippines

Blogging in the Philippines

These are my latest articles posted in various blogs and some of the articles I”ve written about blogging. Get a copy of Blogging from Home today.


Blogs for marketing and public relations
April 9, 2009


A QUESTION I often receive is how blogs can be used for marketing and public relations.


Choosing a blog-hosting service
November 19, 2008


MANY folks start blogging using free services available online. However, if you are serious and want to build your own identity right away, including customization of features, you can sign-up in any third party blog hosting services.


RP”s Top 100 Blogs for 2008
October 23, 2008


RATIFIED.ORG announced last night the Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008 during a Davao bloggers meet-up. These are blogs that have achieved growth from the start of this year to the present.


No age and gender barriers in blogging


Earning from blogs
August 28, 2008


LAST Monday, I was a guest in QTV”s The Beat. Miriam Quiambao, the host, focused her questions on how blogs are set up and how one can earn from blogging.
(Picture with Miriam Quiambao and follow-up post)


Search for emerging blogs
June 12, 2008


THE line that separates blogs from media is fast becoming thinner everyday. In a short span of time, the number of Filipino bloggers is increasing. But a challenge most bloggers face is sustaining such activity. This includes finding time, inspiration and gaining responsive readers who will help keep the fire burning.


Brian Gorrell”s blog
April 17, 2008


WHEN the issue involving Brian Gorrell and DJ Montano reached mainstream media, blogging attained recognition, showing people its possibility as a medium for communication and advocacy.


Interview with Bloggers
February 8, 2008


Here are some of the bloggers that we got to feature and interview to date.


Renewing interest in 2010 elections through blogs
January 31, 2008


LAST Saturday, I was invited as resource person for an online chat session. I got the chance to exchange ideas with several political media personalities with whom I discussed political blogging.


Preparing bloggers for 2010 elections
November 29, 2007


LAST Saturday, I presented during the iBlog mini summit, a program for bloggers to get involved in the 2010 elections. Its goal is to discuss issues of importance that will assist voters in deciding who to vote for in 2010. It will tap volunteers to get in-depth 2010 election coverage at the national and local levels.


No. 1 blogger
November 15, 2007


IN monitoring the Philippines blogging community, one site that I regularly track is This site ranks the Philippines� top 100 blogs using metrics, such as Technorati links, Google PageRank and number of Feedburner subscribers.


Blogging for advocacy
August 23, 2007


THERE are three on-going blogging writing projects at the moment that I encourage readers like you to check out. They show how a blog can be a powerful medium to create awareness and get readers involved in a good cause.


2007 elections and blogging
May 24, 2007


AFTER the elections, I received inquiries on how bloggers fared in their coverages and activities at that time. I believe there were a lot of lessons learned in this area that concerned parties today can prepare for and look forward to in the 2010 elections.


Lessons in blogging
February 8, 2007


LAST Sept. 2, 2006, I launched a free online workshop that intended to teach interested Internet users how to blog. This was the Blogging 101 Workshop. Since then I�ve been improving it based from personal experience and encounters with fellow bloggers.


Election monitoring through blogging
January 22, 2007


THE election nomination and campaign season has begun. From hereon, expect us to go twice a month to cover the developments and how the Internet, mobile phone, and IT in general shall be used for this purpose.


8 Steps in Starting a Podcast
June 1, 2006


I”m not really a mega-expert on this subject. However, what I can share with you is how I started the Podcast (http:/ last April.


Political blogging
April 17, 2006


I believe that one of the biggest challenges that the government and businesses face today are information technology driven tools that can transfer information faster than any traditional broadcast medium, uncensored and unedited.


Blog Tracking
April 6, 2006


Two weeks ago, I got the chance to reactivate my subscription. As a result, I am once again plugged to developments from various perspectives in the blogosphere. It is interesting to note the variety of issues and concerns that bloggers are taking note of.


Celebrating bloggers
March 30, 2006


In just one year, Filipino blogs have grown and evolved. These past three days, I have been able to update myself on various developments in the blogger”s eye.


A new blog every second or 80,000 new weblogs a day
August 14, 2005


According to Technorati”s State of Blogosphere Report Part 1 (August 2005), the size of blogs on the Internet is doubling every 5 months. In Technorati”s experience, they were monitoring 7.8 million blogs last March. As of end July, this figure surged to 14.2 million blogs. Growth is is seen in Japan, Korea, China, France, and Brazil. At least 80,000 weblogs are created in a day.


Blogs and self-empowerment
June 30, 2005


WHIRLWIND. Over the past three weeks, we have experienced a whirlwind of political issues so that many young people feel helpless about doing anything. It”s like becoming part of a codependency conspiracy, where what is popular and practical rules the day, rather than what is morally right.


Blogging creative thoughts
May 5, 2005


Last Monday, my two-day Build Your Own E-Learning Workshop started. This is part of the five-day teacher training program for educators who participated in the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2005. All teacher participants were required to blog at the end of the day and write about what they learned that day. It was intended for reflective thinking.


Blog copyright and ethics
February 17, 2005


I got a question recently on whether it is appropriate to post an email, sent to you privately, to a blog or mailing list. An email is considered copyrighted by the person who sent it, once sent. Forwarding or publishing it without the consent of the person who wrote it is a violation of his copyright.


Blog power
February 10, 2005


Last month, the Philippine Computer Society launched the Digital Pinay 2005 competition in search for potential women role models in the ICT industry. The contest mechanics, however, included questions on one�s vital statistics (body). This did not sit well with a lot of Internet users, especially among women who saw this more as a beauty contest.

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