Jul 03 2019
July 3, 2019

Mastermind: 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork

  • 07:00PM

Big dreams require a big team.

Everyone is part of a team. If you are married, you are part of a team with your spouse. If you are employed, you are part of a team with your colleagues. If you give your time to a church or organization, you are part of a team of volunteers.

Being a part of a team in some capacity is inevitable. We celebrate great human achievement and so often we view a single person as the hero of a great accomplishment. However, if you really look below the surface you will see that most solo acts are really team efforts.

Teamwork is essential in every aspect of life. Whether you’re working on a deadline for work, organizing a community project, or coordinate schedules with your family or friends, everyone involved must be willing to work together.

The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork will empower you to be a champion for teamwork and collaboration – whether coach or player, teacher or student, CEO or non-profit volunteer. Through this group study, you will understand the “how-tos” and attitudes that make a successful team so that you can become a better team player as well as a better team leader.

As an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, I will lead your team through an 8 to 17 sessions group study and facilitated discussions on the key attributes for a successful team, the values of teamwork that are necessary for success as you work with others.

Based on the work from leadership expert and author, John C. Maxwell’s the 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, this facilitated discussion will provide the path for you and your team to understand how successful collaborations work and why it’s so important for each member of the team to be bringing their best.

During this mastermind, we will discuss proven principles of teamwork including:

  • How the Law of High Morale inspired a 50-year-old who could not even swim to train for the toughest triathlon in the world.
  • Why the Law of the Big Picture prompted a former U.S. President to travel cross-country by bus, sleep in a basement, and do manual labor.
  • How by playing the Law of the Scoreboard enabled one web-based company to keep growing while thousands of other Internet businesses failed.
  • Why ignoring the Law of the Price Tag caused one of the world’s largest retailers to close its doors after 128 years in business.

Together we will identify why some teams tend to skyrocket while others go nowhere. Your team will be challenged to elevate their role in high-performance teamwork.

The mastermind starts on July 3 via webinar 7 pm for a total of 8 to 17 sessions. Sign-up for the mastermind at https://www.patreon.com/posts/27659129

P.S. Leaders participating in this mastermind will also get a Global Leadership Assessment 360 from me.

P.S.S. Participants need a copy of the book prior to the mastermind. Check it out at https://amzn.to/31xcd4p

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