Be a Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs and marketing practitioners today are recognizing the power and influence of bloggers and social media users to generate awareness, ignite conversation, influence e-commerce purchase, form movements, and inspire people to action.

However, very few blog and social media marketing entrepreneurs today can help in blog, content creation, and social media management for the long term.

Come up with new and inspiring ideas to push organizations, brands and individuals to use blogs, social media, and tap its potential to reach business objectives and bottom line.

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Janette Toral launched this Blog & Social Media Entrepreneur Course with the aim of creating a movement – to encourage the growth of online entrepreneurship and serve the growing needs of businesses locally and internationally. We combine online course access, hands-on activities, and consultations via webinar.

This is perfect for out-of-town participants and those with unusual schedules who can now learn at any time of day and from anywhere as long as there is Internet access.

What made this program different from other similar courses available in the market is that we go beyond the creation of a project plan. Every module requires a plan to be fully executed where the final grade largely depends on it. The one-on-one consultation plays an important role during this stage as well where Janette Toral also collaborates, if necessary, to help carry out a participant's project.

Subject Matter Expert

janette toral
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E-Commerce Advocate Janette Toral is the author of the book "Blogging from Home". She started writing and publishing her articles online since 1997. She is into the conduct of e-learning using various platforms since 2003.

At present, she maintains a number of personal blogs. She also has a blog network where campaign activation for brands, advocacies, and personalities gets carried out.

She partnered with Ateneo De Manila University and eLearning Edge to offer the program to support her advocacy in developing more "blog and social media entrepreneurs" in the country. From November 2016 to the present, she is continuing this project on her own.

Janette's blog and social media experience includes:

1. Reputation management and search engine clean-up of negative information.

2. Blog campaign from single blog post to more than 100 bloggers publishing on the same day.

3. Creating viral and conversational content to spark discussion on issues and concerns.

4. Collaborative work with bloggers to generate blog, photo, and video stories on featured issues, establishments, personalities, and locations.

5. Creation and maintenance of small to large scale blog sites ranging from 50 visits (small) to 300,000 (large) visits a day.

6. Launch product promotions through blog and social media using tools to track conversion.

7. Design, create, and manage SEO (online) lead generation networks for companies and affiliate marketing network competition for e-commerce sites.

8. Janette Toral is a Fascinate Certified Advisor; Inbound & Email Marketing Certified (Hubspot); Google Analytics & AdWords Search certified.

Target Audience

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, online retailers, marketing and advertising practitioners, Web developers, PR practitioners, Internet marketers, media managers, content providers, brand managers and everyone involved in marketing or advertising that utilizes the Internet and blogs.

module 1

Blog Launch, Copywriting, and Social Media Promotions

This four - week course teaches the student on how to
  • Identify goals, target audience needs, and potential.
  • Build a blog site and content plan.
  • Roll out the site and perform basic promotions including social media.
  • Reach out to fellow bloggers, social media users and build a community.
  • Monitor and improve performance.

For the hands-on project, the student is tasked to produce a blog, follow an agreed-upon content plan and promote. At this stage, the blogger will also be introduced to blog revenue opportunities focusing on affiliate programs. The overall performance of the student's blog during the allotted timeframe shall serve as basis for grading. (For blog beginners, refer to the FREE Blogging and Social Media 101 guide to get you started.)

All students will have access to an e-learning system where lecture videos, assignments, projects are posted.

Fri 21 Apr
Fri 28 Apr
Thurs 04 May
Thurs 11 May
Fri 19 May
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Business Blogging & Content Development
Blog Site & Social Media Presence Development
CRM, E-Mail, & Social Media Promotion
Consultation session and Project status update
Final Project Presentation
module 2

Professional Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Advertising

This five - week course teaches the student on how to
  • Tap blogs and social media in various ways for promotion, awareness, lead generation, and support for marketing and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Understand the available blog and social media advertising platforms, costing, and analyze a blog's effectiveness.
  • Profile blogs, bloggers, social media users based on their reach and influence.

For the hands-on project, the student is tasked to design and run a blog & social media marketing and advertising program. The overall performance of the said campaign during the time frame allotted shall serve as basis for grading.

All students will have access to an e-learning system where lecture videos, assignments, projects are posted.

Fri 02 Jun
Fri 09 Jun
Fri 16 Jun
Fri 23 Jun
Fri 30 Jun
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Blogger Profiling for Influencer Marketing
Affiliate Marketing & Sponsored Post Engagement
Lead Generation & Blogger Networks
Consultation Session
Final Project Presentation
module 3

Make Money from Blogging and Social Media as a Service Provider

This five - week course teaches the student on how to
  • Generate income through blogging.
  • Make money from Blogging and Social Media as a service provider.
  • Offer blog creation, blog marketing, blog advertising placement, content development and, social media promotion as a service to businesses.
  • Build a blog content writers network.
  • Build a blog advertising network
  • Build an Online Lead Generation or Affiliate Network with bloggers as members.

For the hands-on project, the student is tasked to come up with a blog and social media marketing service and roll it out for a client. The effectiveness of the service during the time frame allotted shall serve as basis for grading.

All students will have access to an e-learning system where lecture videos, assignments, projects are posted.

Fri 21 July
Fri 28 July
Fri 04 Aug
Fri 11 Aug
Fri 18 Aug
Fri 25 Aug
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Blogger Revenue Models
Blog Advertising & Paid Post Network
Blog Affiliate Networks
Blogger Lead Generation Networks
Consultation Session
Final Project Presentation


~ Mark Joseph Delgado, Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur
Full Testimonial

My name is Mark Joseph Delgado. I am a Marketing professional and I only started to take blogging seriously last 2010 when I discovered that a lot of bloggers are actually earning through their blogs. The program definitely took my blogging to the next level!

Through the program, I was able to integrate the things that I know as a Marketing professional with blogging and social media. I enjoyed creating social media activations so much as part of my blog campaigns and I consider the projects that I created for the program as some of my greatest achievements as a Marketing professional.

Because of the program I was also able to create my own blog, social media and activations services company called Mediactiv8 (

I am very grateful to the Lord Almighty, to Ms. Janette Toral, to Ms. Fleire Castro and to the rest of the team of Ateneo-DigitalFilipino for making this “every blogger’s dream” possible for me.

Below are the projects I created under the program:

Intramuros Bloggers Challenge 2012

Hasset Go Bloggers Night: The Il Mercanti Experience

~ Vanj Padilla, Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur
Full Testimonial

Hello everyone! My name is Vanj D. Padilla ( I enrolled in the last two modules of CBEP last year and plan to enroll the 1st module this year to get my certificate.

I live and work in Pangasinan, as a journalist but niched into digital publishing, blogging and social media.

I guess I am the only journalist here to venture into such.

My taking up CBEP last year did wonders into my career. After the course, I was hired as Consultant to the Provincial Government of Pangasinan. I provide social media services to our visionary Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. I take care of his reputation online too.

When the Governor noticed that social media is shaping our community today, he decided to get my services full time and matched my earnings as a service provider.

What I liked about the program was that if you are into social media and blogging, your imagination is your only limitation. Countless doors of opportunities will open to you as an entrepreneur after taking the program.This industry is a fresh one, with not too many service providers crowding up the market. And for sure this will stay and thrive.

My favorite part was being mentored by Ms. Janette Toral – the Philippines’ foremost internet marketing and blogging guru. The partnership with Ms. Toral and Ateneo is an education par excellance.

Here are a few of my outputs since CBEP:

Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. on Facebook

~Jimmy Roa, CBEP Student
Full Testimonial

“The program helped me become aware of the use of social media for marketing and recruitment. The use of blogs was part of our digital marketing plan. The program helped me understand the nature and use of blogs, how they are implemented, and how its effectiveness is measured and monitored. What I enjoyed the most were the case studies and the actual implementation of what was lectured.”

Jimmy Roa is an Entrepreneur and businessman, constantly looking for opportunities in Business Process Outsourcing, Offshore RPO, Offshore Cad Outsourcing, IT Staffing and Recruiting, and Virtual Recruiting.

He is currently the CEO of Sysgen – an IT Staffing and Recruitment firm and the Chairman of Sysgen Outsource Inc. – a Cad outsourcing firm

~Abby Luz, Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur
Full Testimonial

Hello! I'm Abby Luz. I'm the VP ofACIATEAMInc. (Trainings, Events and Management). Our company caters to the entertainment and corporate industry, providing training and consultancy in creative arts and people development.

Through the program I was able to build Brand Awareness through increasing our online visibility. We have received numerous workshop inquiries which led to enrollees and other business opportunities.I enjoyed the webinars and interactions with my instructor and classmates. We all shared our ideas which lead to numerous marketing strategies for different successful campaigns.

Output/projects related to CBEP

~Fleire Mae Castro, Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur
Full Testimonial

My name is Fleire Mae Castro. I am a social media marketing strategist and solo professional / proprietress runningThird Team Media ( – a freelance driven, social media marketing agency specializing in outsourcedsocialmedia marketing services. We help provide assistance for international clients in their digital marketing campaigns.I havebeen involved on projects ranging fromstart-ups tosmall business owners. Usually they wanted me to either manageaproject or work on the nits and grits of the campaign itself – and sometimes both!

Since everything I know about SMM is through hardcore self-study and through real project execution, CBEP has helped me paint an idea with how experts like Ms. Janette Toral handle local social media marketing for clients and execute them. In turn, this informed me of how I could improve my services and provide the same services to local clients.The best part about the program is the hands on experience in the campaign executionwhich is what local marketers need to really get the feel of handling social media marketing for clients.

The Siquijor Tour blog at ( was my project for CBEP and itdefinitelygenerated leads for Eastside Cottages who is the site owner.

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First Batch

Gerry Siquijor

Fleire Mae Castro

Abigail Luz

Marla Rances

Ryan Parreño

Leah Dela Rosa

Vangie Padilla (testimonial)

Second Batch

Ted Vicente

Third Batch

Mark Joseph Delgado (testimonial)

Fourth Batch

Katrina Cruz

Fifth Batch

Clariza Nalam

Genesis Reonico (testimonial)

Sixth Batch

Elizabeth Costales

RD Llanera

Apple Allison Perez (testimonial)

Jennifer Lopez Gana (testimonial)

Sherlane Fortunado

Seventh Batch

Herald Cantre Bebis



Enrollment Form

Registration fee

Option 1:

Pay per module - P10,000.00

Option 2:

Pay for the full program - P25,000 and save P5,000

*Fees inclusive of VAT, online course access and certification fees

Installments can be made on the following schedule: (not applicable to early bird rates)

Downpayment 50% 2nd payment is 25% a week before module 2 starts 3rd payment is 25% a week before module 3 starts